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How to clean dog toys

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Dog toys must be washed after they are bought. Dog toys from the factory have a lot of bacteria and unclean things on them. Therefore, the owners should use different cleaning methods to clean the toys according to the toys of different materials, so as to give the dogs a health protection.

It is recommended that plastic toys can be made of silicone, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and only needs to be cleaned after buying. If it is an ordinary plastic toy, it can be soaked in a professional pet disinfectant, then rinsed with water and dried before playing with the dog.

To clean plush toys, you must first prepare the necessary cleaning tools. For example, coarse salt, large plastic bags. This cleaning method is called dry cleaning. After preparing everything, put the coarse salt and the dirty stuffed toy into a plastic bag, then plunge into the plastic bag and shake it vigorously to make the coarse salt and wool The plush toys are in full frictional contact, and the plush toys are cleaned by this method.

In addition, plush toys can also be washed. At this time, you need to prepare the detergent first, and there is enough water. Like some small plush toys, it is more convenient to wash them with water. Now, put the detergent into the water, and then gently wipe the dirty areas of the plush toys with a brush dipped in water, and then rinse them with clean water.

When cleaning dog toys for dogs, you need to choose special disinfectant water to clean them. This is to prevent the dog from being infected by bacteria.

1. Wash dog toys with household disinfectant and clean water:

Dogs use their mouths to hold toys. During play, the toys will inevitably be covered with dog saliva. If the saliva is not cleaned up in time, the toys will smell bad. This is one of the reasons for the smelly dog toys. To clean up the smell of dog toys, dog owners need to clean the dog toys regularly. You can soak the toys in clean water mixed with household disinfectant and then rinse them. After washing it, it needs to be dried before playing with the dog again.

2. Spray an appropriate amount of pet deodorant spray:

If the dog toy is not easy to clean, but the toy has a strong smell, you can spray an appropriate amount of pet deodorant spray on it. When buying pet deodorant sprays, pay attention to smell the sprays, don't choose strong-smelling sprays. When the dog's nose smells a strong smell, it is easy to sneeze and affect the sense of smell. Buy a deodorant spray with a lighter taste, and choose a deodorant spray with a better reputation.

3. Buy toys with good quality and no peculiar smell:

In addition to the bad smell of dog toys, it may be caused by poor quality of the toy itself. Some inferior toys will become smelly after use. Dog owners should not buy such toys. If the smelly dog toy is the cause, and it still smells after cleaning, then stop playing with the dog. It is necessary to purchase toys of good quality and odorless through formal channels for the dogs to play, otherwise the dogs may affect their health because of the poor quality toys. Bad breath of the dog may also be caused by the dog’s toy not being cleaned in time.

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