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How to clean a dog bed?

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If you find that your dog's bed is a bit sour and smelly, you will feel a strange smell when you enter the house, which is really not a pleasant feeling. Then, when pet owners wash their kennels, they can’t just wash them with clean water. They may not be able to remove the odor. They can use laundry detergent first and then pet deodorant.

If it's a large dog's cage, it is recommended to pull off the outside shelter, let the dog's cage ventilate and let the ultraviolet rays in the sun kill and sterilize the dog's cage. If it’s plastic, you can clean the plastic with clean water. If it is made of felt or canvas that is not easy to dry, it is recommended that you can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust attached to it.

It is recommended that the dog's small cushion should be taken apart and washed, put a small amount of disinfectant, soaked for a period of time, and then cleaned. Do not put it in the washing machine, it is recommended to wash by hand. Clean the inside of the dog cage with a broom or vacuum cleaner. When it is cleaned up, tie up the shelter again, and replace the dog with a clean pad and blanket.

If it is a small dog's fur bed, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the remaining dog hair and dander in the den. This is more conducive to the following cleaning, and cleaning the small mats of large dogs, it is best not to use a washing machine, hand washing is the best. Add a small amount of disinfectant, or a dog-specific bathing liquid, wash it by hand and hang it to dry, preferably in the sun to sterilize it.

If you don't want to wash by hand, use a washing machine to clean it, you must disinfect the washing machine after use. Avoid hiding the parasites on the dog in the washing machine, so it is very likely that the next time you wash your clothes, it will stick to your clothes. Another effort-saving method is to send the bed to a specialized company for mites removal and sterilization, which will help you solve all hidden dangers in one step.

Cleaning the dog bed is actually very easy, and you can control the cleanliness of the dog bed. A thorough cleaning can remove anything left on the mat and eradicate any harmful microorganisms.

The frequency of washing the dog bed should be controlled "once a week." However, you should consider how much activity your dog has been involved in recently. If it plays outside every day and always comes back dirty, you may need to increase the frequency to "twice a week." Regular cleaning can keep the dog bed clean and sterile, so that your family and your dog can live more safely and healthily.

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