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How to choose toys for your dog

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There are thousands of toys for dogs, and the owner sometimes wonders which one should be better for him. Buying toys home and discovering that the dog is lacking in interest, then you can't figure out why it doesn't like it. In fact, it is learned to pick toys for dogs, because different dog breeds like toys and toys that suit them are different.

Buying toys for your dog will give her a certain amount of exercise and make her play happily. Otherwise, staying indoors all the time may cause the dog to tear down the house and give the dog his own pastime. Let me share with you three suggestions for choosing toys for dogs.

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1. Choose toys according to your dog's breed

Consider the size of the dog. If it is a small dog, you can buy a toy of a smaller size for the dog, which is also suitable for them to play, but be careful not to be smaller than the dog’s mouth, otherwise they will risk swallowing by mistake . When choosing any toy, the important thing is not to buy a toy that can be swallowed by the dog. If swallowed by mistake, the dog will choke.

When buying toys, consider the bite force of the dog. The bite force of small dogs is weaker than that of large dogs, so it is often seen that some toys will be labeled as small dogs. Large dogs are more destructive than small dogs, and toys suitable for small dogs are not necessarily suitable for large dogs. Therefore, the owner must comprehensively consider the dog's destructive ability. If you find that the dog's biting ability is relatively strong, you can also buy toys with a harder texture.

2. Choose according to the dog's play habits

Some dogs play with toys by turning it over and rolling around with the toy, while others will bite and tear the toy, wishing to take it apart. For dogs with different play styles, regular dogs can have more tricks to choose from, but naughty dogs need to buy toys that are not easy to disassemble and have fewer parts, so as not to disassemble the toys into pieces and swallow them.

3. Choose toys according to your dog's preferences

Dogs like moving toys: you can choose rolling rubber balls, rubber frisbees, etc. These are also more suitable for puppies that are teething, and they can be used as chewing tools. Dogs like plush toys: some dogs will use plush toys as their pillows and feel soft and comfortable to touch. Dogs in estrus will prefer plush toys and can comfortably grasp and play.

dog toy

Dogs like toys that can chew: Some dogs are more violent towards toys and like to bite them into pieces and dismantle them. They are very destructive and will swallow them if they are not careful. The owner can choose some durable toys, such as those made of rubber or canvas.

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