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How to choose the right size of a pet door

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If you have pets in your house, it is very necessary to install a pet door on the door. Soon after the pet learns to use the pet door to enter and exit, you don't have to bother yourself to open the door for them every time, they will come and go freely, which is very convenient.

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First, measure the height of your pet. Because you need to locate the pet door so that your pet can come and go freely. Measure the height of your pet to the top of the shoulder and write down the measurement.

After closing the door, use a hammer and a small screwdriver to remove the hinged halves of the door pin. Once you have removed all three pins, carefully open the door and remove it from the hinges. If your door is heavy, find a friend to help outside. Lay the door flat on a sturdy sawhorse. Locate your pet door, the upper edge of the door is the height of your pet from the ground~ Remember to place the inside of the door upward to avoid scratches.

Each pet door is a little different. You need to make sure you have selected the one that suits you and always follow the installation instructions. Generally, you want your pet's door to be in the center of the door. Use a pencil and a straight edge to draw the outline of the pet door on the door. Remember to double check the size of your drawing, once you start cutting the door, there is no turning back. So, make sure you are accurate, take your time and don't worry.

Drill holes in the four corners of the square outline drawn with an electric drill to facilitate cutting with an electric saw. After you drill the corner hole, it is best to protect the door before cutting. Use tape around the outside of the outline. This will prevent scratching the surface of the door when using a chainsaw. After cutting the door according to the drawn outline, take out the pet door and compare whether the openings are consistent. If they are the same, mark the position of the mounting hole with a pencil on the door.

Once again, use a drill of the recommended size and slowly drill into the marked position. No need to drill at high speed, just make sure to apply pressure and take your time. After drilling the space, you can install the pet door. Make sure that the screws of the pet door are tightened. The number of collisions with the pet's in and out will be many, so it must be tightened without shaking.

Finally reinstall your door, by aligning the hinges and reinserting the door pins. Once you have locked the door, it is time to train your pet to use them! Buy some snacks and lure your pet from both sides of the door until they get used to its new way of getting in and out.

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