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How to choose the right outdoor bed for your dog

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If you want to bring your dog close to nature and share a good leisure time with it, picnic camping is a good choice. When you return to the outdoors, your dog will experience the fun of outdoor play.

Although dogs have thick hair to protect themselves, it is better not to let the dogs run streaking outdoors. It is equally important to go out camping and choose suitable equipment for your pets. It can not only give cute pets a comfortable outdoor experience, but also highlight the owner's taste and style.

Prepare an outdoor pet bed that is foldable and easy to carry. There is also a soft and comfortable cushion at the bottom, which can provide a comfortable lazy bed space for the dog.

Choosing a moderately sized pet backpack is the best choice for camping with pets. You can pack your dog's favorite snacks and foldable tableware for eating and drinking in the backpack. Some brands refer to the loading system of military products, especially for the dog to create a military style vest, you can freely combine the equipment on the vest, full of creativity!

Taking into account the styling needs of pet lovers, some brands will specially introduce pet clothing that can be matched with the owner. The same style will naturally attract a lot of attention. Spoof fashion brands are very popular in pet clothing, such as Supreme, Bape, Off White, etc., have been redesigned to dress dogs.

Going wild, of course, you must let the dog go home happily, but there will always be some unexpected weather conditions outdoors. In order not to be affected by sudden changes in the weather, prepare a pet-specific assault suit. In this way, you don't have to worry about accidental injury to the dog, and you don't have to worry about getting acquainted after playing so dirty.

Dog camp beds are generally folding beds. They are suitable for carrying and light in size, so they are suitable for outdoor use. After a series of evolution and development, camp beds have gradually become the representative of folding beds. So today, the knowledge for everyone is about the skills, precautions and specific details of materials and fabrics in the selection of camp beds. Friends who are interested can refer to it.

1. Look at the elasticity: Lie down by yourself, and turn it around a few times. A good spring will not move or be uneven, and it can immediately restore its original shape.

2. Look at the stability: use both hands to shake the product back and forth, left and right, and shake it firmly, indicating that the frame is good.

3. Pay attention to the quality of the cloth: buy leather, you can pinch a place with two fingertips and pull up and pull, it feels strong, and the restorability is good quality.

4. Look at the process: If it is a folding bed with a steel frame structure, pay attention to the welding place to be smooth, no voids, high hardness, more wear-resistant, and more shiny. However, if the paint baking process is used, the surface of the steel pipe is more prone to scratches, which leads to easy oxidation and rust, and there is no luster.

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