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How to choose its favorite from dog toys

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What is your dog's favorite toy? We have endless toys to choose from. But almost all pet owners know that when our dogs choose their favorite toys, they will have a kind of curiosity.

Usually, the logic behind their favorite toys is a bit lost for us. We may not think that their favorite toy is the cutest or funniest, but our dog clearly disagrees with us. So how do dogs choose their favorite toys? We dig deeper into the psychology of dogs to understand how they choose their favorite toys.

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Most dogs like to have toys that give and make noise.

Dogs evolved from wolves, and they maintain some predatory drive. Soft toys that make sounds remind them of prey, so it stimulates the parts of their brains that still carry these instincts. So, if you notice that your dog likes their toys, such as toys that can make sounds or toys that can chew, you can thank their wolf ancestors.

Because these toys have a certain vitality, they can attract the dog's attention more than toys that do not stimulate these instincts.

The dog's favorite toy may be related to other instincts.

Obviously, there are hundreds of dog toys that are plastic or can make sounds, but this does not explain how dogs choose their favorite toys. But dogs have more than a simple predatory instinct. Depending on your dog's breed and personality, they may prefer certain toys.

Plush toys: Some dogs like plush toys. Some dogs walked around gently with them, even snuggling with them. Labrador Retrievers and Retrievers are known for carrying their down, just as they carry duck carcasses when hunting with humans. So dogs with hunting instincts may carefully carry their plush toys.

In addition, plush toys may remind dogs of their puppies or siblings. If the bitch’s puppies are taken away prematurely, or those dogs taken from their mothers before weaning, they may snuggle together and remind them of their family. In addition, some dogs have a strong maternal instinct, so they like to have a small toy to take care of.

Retrieving toys: Some dogs cannot catch enough toys, so their ball is their favorite toy. The motivation of these cubs is probably their instinct to chase prey.

Educational toys: The instinct of dogs drives them to constantly search for food and delicacies. Because even in these days, they rely on the nutrition of their masters, their ancestors had to fight for every piece. Therefore, educational toys filled with candies will keep them focused for hours until they retrieve all the candies.

Studies have shown that dogs usually choose new toys over old toys because they like novel things. So sometimes dogs will ride on their favorite toys because they crave new things. But don't worry, once they put down something they like for a while, it will become "new", so you don't have to buy new toys all the time.

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