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How to choose a carrying bag suitable for your pet

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As an excellent cat carrier, it is the mission of a cat bag that takes into account both the appearance and functionality, and can bring a sense of security to the cute cat. A suitable pet carrying bag should have the following 4 characteristics.

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1. The comfort of the material; pets are like our children. As a mother, we value the comfort of the bag and whether the material is safe. I would first choose a soft bag for my pets. The soft bag is definitely more comfortable than the hard bag. There is nothing wrong with it.

2. The comfort of the space; if you want pets to stay in a small space for a period of time, it means that the space should be relatively spacious. Therefore, I do not recommend using pet bags without structural space in soft bags, nor do I recommend those with only one layer of cloth and soft treads. You must choose soft pet bags with spatial structure.

3. Good air permeability; I have seen many cat owners follow the trend to buy capsule bags, space capsules, etc., and I can’t help but strongly advise them not to give cats these airtight bags?  Imagine whether we can feel good in a glass cover with a few holes, or if we can't breathe. So, please choose a cat bag with good air permeability, please.

4. High durability; some cats and dogs will be stressed or resist when they first enter the bag, so they will scratch and bite. This is the time to test the durability of the bag. So when I choose, I will also prefer a pet bag that is resistant to scratches.

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When many cat owners choose to carry bags for their cats, the most important thing is aesthetics, such as space bags, outing straps, and so on. But here I want to tell every cat owner that the comfort of the cat should be the main factor when choosing a take-out bag.

Cats may have a sense of fear in unfamiliar environments when they go out, so the cat bag is best to be all-inclusive. In order to breathe the breathing window should be in the form of a mesh with good air permeability.

In terms of space, at least it must be able to satisfy the cat lying on his stomach or standing, so that the cat can be more comfortable in the cat bag. The zipper of the cat bag is best to be set above the cat, so that the cat can be taken out easily without being forced to pull.

The above are the core points for cat owners to buy cat bags. The usage rate of cat bags is not high, but for cats it is a mobile shelter. Therefore, the purchase conditions must be based on the comfort and habits of the cat to reduce the damage to the cat when going out.

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