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How to Protect Your Home from Pet Door Invaders

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The pet door is an extremely convenient invention. But we may be worried in case a thief or other animals enter the house, so we should also consider safety when choosing a pet door.

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Pet doors are usually not the weakest entrance in the home, but if you have a large pet door, you should still consider it. We are always asking questions. Is the dog gate safe? Remember, the important thing is that your dog may not be the only one trying to get in and out of it, and larger dogs can let bigger things in.

Suppose you recently installed a pet door in your home. The adjacent outdoor area may be fenced so that your pet has no worries. Unfortunately, the fence may not be able to keep other determined intruders and critters out. For those who wish to enter your home, the large pet door seems to be an attractive opportunity. Most pet door kits include a lockable dog door cover to keep the animal inside or outside, but a very determined person may force them to pass it. So what should we do as dog owners? How can we prevent this from happening?

First of all, we can solve the family safety problem through the built-in safety function. These safe dog doors work in the same way as traditional pet doors and are equipped with hinges and keyholes to increase protection against home invasion. This means that the door can be locked from the inside. Some doors are even equipped with a code lock system to increase security. However, these doors limit the main purpose of pet doors. How easy it is for your pet to get in and out at will.

Secondly, the pet door can be installed in a cautious position. An easy way to stop home intruders is to install the pet door in a location that is not easy for strangers to see. Most homeowners choose to put the pet door on the back door so that it cannot be seen from the street. This prevents burglars from knowing the entrance and prevents unwelcome visitors from aiming at your house and house, making it appear vulnerable.

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There are some other creative methods. For example, you can install a wall-mounted dog door. This allows you to garden around their entrance, placing bushes and grass directly outside their door! This effectively hides the dog door from the outside. It also provides a weatherproof function for your door, reducing ventilation.

Finally, we can use some high-tech methods to increase security. Use and strengthen the locking mechanism. Most pet doors already have some kind of locking mechanism or cover. A very simple method is to use the dog door locking mechanism on the dog door cover when you are away. Most pet doors are equipped with them and click into place.

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