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How should pet needle comb be cleaned?

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Pet hair loss can be said to occur throughout the year, but according to the amount of hair and the degree of climate change vary. In order to better use the hair of their own children, the owners will either use the hair removal comb, needle comb and other complete sets, or directly hand it over to the pet store as the shopkeeper. So, when you comb the dog's hair at home, how to remove the waste hair between the teeth?

pet hair brush

A pointed cotton swab and toothbrush can help brush out the waste hair between the comb teeth of a pet. In daily life, we can use the more pointed cotton swab to extend to the pet comb teeth, and pull it out bit by bit. The advantage is that the operation is relatively simple, but the disadvantage is that the cleaning time is long. The cotton swab or small stick needs to pick out the hair. Yes, or we can use the waste toothbrush with water to slowly brush out the residual hair.

Gauze or silk stockings cover the bottom of the pet's comb and take it when you use it. Gauze and stockings covered on the pet comb is equivalent to a self-cleaning comb surface. After combing off the pet waste hair, the silk stockings and other materials can be directly wrapped in the waste hair and removed and thrown away. This method can reduce the difficulty of removing the waste hair between the teeth of pet comb to a certain extent, and improve the work efficiency.

Self cleaning pet comb to remove pet waste hair, one button hair removal, easy and free. Generally, the self-cleaning pet comb on the market can also be divided into needle comb and hair removing knife comb. By pushing and pressing the inner part of the pet comb, the waste hair between the teeth can be removed very well. The hair removal button is set at the handle that conforms to the human habit. With a light press, the waste hair can be pushed out. It can be said that the self-cleaning pet comb is the gospel for many pet breeders to worry about how to remove the waste hair between teeth.

pet hair brush

Pet comb as an important work of pet grooming and beauty, according to the different pet modeling needs and hair characteristics, there are hair removal knife comb, dense teeth needle comb, bath massage comb and so on. In particular, some pet comb between the angle is easy to accumulate excess hair, not easy to remove. Keep your teeth clean so that you don't build up too much dust and dirt for safer contact with your pet's skin.

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