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How To Road-Trip Safely With Your Dog

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When the holiday comes, I believe everyone has already begun to plan where to play during this period of time! However, before you go out to play, you must first think about how to arrange your dog. Do you want to put it in a friend's care for a while, or take it out to play? If you want to take the dog to travel together, you must pay attention to these five points, otherwise, you will regret it!

First: make sure your dog can travel far

If you really want to take your dog out to play, you must first confirm that your dog can go far. Some dogs are airsick and carsick. This kind of dog can't go far away. If you insist on taking it out, its health will certainly be affected, and it will also bring a lot of trouble to everyone's travel. We will certainly regret it. By the way, there are also dogs 6-10 months old, who can't go out with everyone. Because these puppies are so fragile that they may not be able to return if they go far away.

Second: give your dog a physical examination.

Before you take your dog out for a trip, you must take it for a physical examination. As mentioned above, some dogs are airsick and carsick, but you can't tell it from the surface, so you must take it for an examination. By the way, some dogs also have some diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and so on. Dogs with these diseases can not travel far. If you have to take it for a long journey, you must prepare the medicine for them!

Third: take good dog food.

When you take your dog out, you must bring enough dog food to your dog. Don't wait until it's time to eat, and then buy ready-made dog food for your dog. Don't say where you are going, if there is any dog food seller, just say what if the dog can't get used to the dog food sold outside? If you don't have enough, you can't keep up with your physical strength, let alone travel and play. So it's better to prepare dog food in advance! What's more, dog food doesn't take up too much space. It's enough for dogs to take a few bags.

Fourth: take your dog's leash

We take the dog out to play, must remember, takes the dog's traction rope. There must be a lot of people going out to travel. If we don't bring a leash to the dog, what should we do if he loses it when playing outside? If a dog is lost near his home, he can still find his own home. However, if the dog is lost far away from home, it is really lost, and it is difficult to find it back. Therefore, we must take a good lead rope for the dog.

Fifth: choose where your dog can go

When you take your dog out to play, you must choose where your dog can go. Because there are places where dogs can't go, such as restaurants, libraries, some scenic spots, etc., if you take dogs to such places, you will only be disappointed.

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