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How To Make Your Car More Pet-Friendly

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Many friends like to keep small animals, especially dogs, so cute, many people will take the dog with them all day long and bring them to the car. Presumably, many car friends take their dogs to their cars.

What do you need to prepare for driving a dog?

Dog's toy

First of all, what do we usually take out? The dog's toy, lets it restless when may play, has the matter to do.

Related drugs

Then, it is the relevant drugs. Especially when the long-distance bus, dogs and people are the same, will be carsick. In addition, the car may be a strange environment, often appear very anxious, nervous, this time is particularly prone to carsickness.

If you don't, bring some tranquilizers if you don't.

Dog food

The food must have been brought. But don't eat too much for a long-distance bus. If it can bear it, it's better not to eat. On the contrary, when you get off the bus, when you relax and relax, you can eat two to make you feel better.

Dog license, dog certificate, immunization certificate

Then the dog tags, dog certificates, and immunization certificates are all to be carried. Then, you'd better write down your own contact number or contact information on the dog tag. In case you lose it, people will see it and call you, and you can still find it.

Even if you are a legal dog, if you don't have a certificate, if you are taken away by someone else, you will take it back in two or three days. This is not a thing that everyone would like to see, and it is troublesome.

Then the dog may also be more maladjusted, Wan lifetime disease and can not get timely treatment, that is a very, very troublesome thing.

A basin for drinking water

Also, don't underestimate the dog's water basin. Don't forget to take it off.

In fact, you can't find anything in the car that can let the dog drink water. What kind of mineral water bottle is used by adults, and the dog can't drink it. Dog basin, remember to take, put water put food, quite practical.

Some pet dogs like to put their heads directly out of the window to let out the wind. In the traffic regulations, we know that people can't put their heads out of the window at will, and dogs are no exception. The road is narrow, two cars side by side, will be very close, you put your head out of the window, in case of being hit by the next car. 

The weight of the dog is very light. If you brake quickly, the dog is not fixed and it is easy to fly out. Fix the dog in the back seat just like a child seat. It's special for pets. It's more special for pets. Large pets can use seat belts, and small ones can be carried in a car. The pet box should also be fixed to avoid displacement.

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