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Dogs with dog beds are easier to learn to go to the toilet

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Toilet training is one of the most important training topics for dogs. Many owners feel headaches because their dogs cannot go to the toilet in the designated position. In fact, training dogs to use the toilet is not a difficult task. Many owners have overlooked the importance of one item for toilet training, that is, the dog bed.

Whether there is a dog bed or not has a great relationship with the dog's toilet training. Buy a dog bed for your dog and place it far away from the toilet. When the dog leaves the kennel, take it to the toilet and let it finish excretion. Sometimes this process needs to wait three to five minutes. Be patient and wait until the dog has excreted before taking the dog out.

Normally, the dog can be free to move around, but when it comes to bed at night, be sure to take the dog back to its own bed and take it to the toilet for excretion after leaving the bed. After constant practice, let the dog form a conditioned reflex and develop the habit of leaving the dog bed to go to the designated location for excretion.

The significance of the dog bed for toilet training is to provide a comfortable "private space" for the dog. A dog without a dog bed will feel at a loss in an empty room, without his own belonging, so he will pee around to mark his territory. For a dog, the entire room is its own territory, and it must always be defensive and alert. Once a stranger comes to the house, the dog will be extremely nervous. Dogs without a fixed home will also have greater mental stress because they do not have a dog bed, which is not conducive to their physical and mental health.

At the beginning, if the dog is peeing indiscriminately, the owner should not rush to beat and scold him. The correct way is to take the dog to another room and scrub the urine to remove the odor. Slowly guide the dog to the toilet to complete the excretion. Every time the dog urinates or poops, encourage him, touch his head, praise him, and reward him with a snack.

In the matter of going to the toilet, the dog only recognizes the positive feedback but not the negative feedback. Beating and scolding will only make it think that the defecation is wrong, leading to the fear of peeing or hiding under the bed or in the corner for fear that you will find it. Encouragement can achieve the purpose of training.

If you find that the dog is walking to the dog toilet but is still pulling out of the toilet, don't be discouraged, don't get angry, don't think it is against you. In fact, at this time, the dog has the consciousness of going to the toilet at a fixed point.

Through the above methods, it should be possible for your dog to learn to use the toilet in the right place. It can be seen that a suitable dog bed is still very important for dogs.

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