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Dogs don’t like sports, I will teach you three tips

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In general, there will be puppies and dogs in the house, and the family’s life will certainly not be too boring. The dogs seem to have unlimited energy and unlimited physical strength to accompany you to fight and play with you. There is a problem. When the owner is tired, the dogs are very energetic. What should I do at this time?

In fact, we all know that dogs need to have a certain amount of exercise every day, and they will have a lot of energy every day. If these energy cannot be vented, then the biggest possibility is that the dog will tear down your home after torturing you. If a certain amount of exercise is used to consume the energy of the dogs, this will be a very effective method. Of course, there are still some problems. Some dogs don’t like exercise. They like to play with their owners more than exercise. Dogs actually need exercise just like us, but they don’t like exercise. What can happen to dogs who don’t like exercise when encountering this kind of problem?

1.  Food reward training

Why doesn't a dog like exercise? We can observe from his living habits and personality, and then we can find a solution in the middle. For example, some dogs will be a little fatter themselves, and they are full of fat meat. If they are asked to exercise, they will definitely be rejected. Just like our fat people, which fat person likes to exercise, this is actually a truth. In fact, there are some who don't like sports, and they are lazy. If it is such a dog, we must persuade them more, because in the long run, the dog will be too obese and lead to mental illness. For such dogs, we can get them to exercise properly through food induction. For example, let them run a lap outside, and the host can give them a snack as a reward. Learn to let the dogs fall in love with going out. Therefore, the snacks you prepare must be low-fat, which is also a dog's favorite. This kind of temptation dogs will be fooled, otherwise, they will turn their heads and leave, regardless of what good food you are holding.

2. Often take the dog out for a stroll

Dogs like to go out and play, this is no doubt. But if you take it to a place every day, the dogs will get bored. Both dogs and people have a sense of novelty. If the places you go to are the same every day, your dog will be disgusted and disinterested. If the dog is still very excited about going out, then this problem is not big. If the dog gets to this place, he will take a nap and sleep and is not interested, then dear owners, you have to take a lot of your own dog and go for a stroll in other places.

3. Use a variety of exercise methods

Exercise may be simple running and fitness for us. For dogs, exercise is actually a matter of fun. In fact, they don't have a lot of concepts about exercise, but they love games as always. Therefore, when exercising, the owners must choose what they like based on the love and interest of their dogs. The most common game is to throw a ball with the dogs. It must be remembered that in the game, do not teach your dogs to have certain rigid or necessary actions, and be restrained. This is not a game that dogs like. It's as if I'm having a good time, and Mommy suddenly asks you to recite words. In this case, it is very disappointing. Therefore, as the owner, you also need to change the way to let your dog have fun.

Having said so much, don’t you know what the masters have remembered? Treat our dog well, and he will definitely surprise you.

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