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Dog bed buying guide

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Dogs spend more than half of their day sleeping. In fact, they can sleep almost anywhere, but we know that sleeping on the floor is not good for the dog's health. So we need to buy a special dog bed for them. This detailed guide can help you find the ideal pet bed for your dog based on its physical characteristics, habits and specific needs.

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First of all, in what position does your dog sleep. If your dog sleeps sprawled out. Then you need to prepare a larger dog bed for the dog, so that there is enough space for the dog to stretch its limbs. If your dog likes to sleep in the shape of a ball. Then you can choose a dog bed with a raised edge and a depression in the middle. This kind of dog bed is like a warm hug for the dog.

If your dog likes to sleep with his head on a pillow or armrest, it is also recommended to use nest and bolster beds. The raised edges of these beds provide a soft, supportive surface, and the dog will like to rest the furry head on it. If your dog gets up on its back. If your dog often sleeps on its back, you need a firm and soft mattress to provide comfortable spinal support.

An orthopedic bed can be prepared for dogs with special needs. The flat, super-supporting orthopedic pet bed is very suitable for canines suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. They are usually made of thick memory foam, which can reduce the pressure on dogs' sore joints and prevent the sometimes annoying floor temperature. Choose at least a thicker-filled bed and avoid all raised beds that require your dog to climb or jump.

If your dog is particularly afraid of the cold, you can choose furry and fill it with a lot of warm stuffing, such as polyester fiber or cotton. You can also use heated pet beds, which function like electric blankets (although they are not suitable for dogs with chewing habits because the power cord can be dangerous).

If your dog is a large dog with a generous coat. Make sure to avoid super plush toys that accumulate a lot of heat. If your dog spends a lot of time in the sun, a plastic cooling pet bed filled with water or gel can help prevent the dog from overheating after playing.

If your dog likes to bite, and the destructive power is amazing. Then, you will need a bed that is as hard as a nail. Cribs usually consist of a strong metal or plastic frame with a mesh layer on top, which makes it difficult for dogs to cause any serious injury.

If you are looking for a plush bed, you need a pillow or bed with a cover, and the bed cover is reinforced with thick denim fabric. These types of beds are not completely indestructible, but for relatively gentle dogs, their standing ability is relatively good.

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