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Different Shapes of Dog Beds, Which One Is More Suitable for Dogs?

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After returning home after a hard day of work, everyone is sure that they want to be able to lie on the soft sofa or relax on the bed independently. Turn on your phone or turn on the TV to watch the news and relax. Instead of just finding a place to lie down, people think that way!

In fact, our dear dog also hopes to have a comfortable and warm little bed. But the various styles or colors and textures of the dog bed itself are dazzling. And the location is very particular, so let’s briefly introduce the following styles!

Sofa-style Beds usually come in two types: rattan or sponge. No matter which one is, it has a high circle on all sides, and the others have a gap for easy access, like a wall, which surrounds the dog in the middle . This design is more conducive to sleeping in the embraced position they like, especially for those short-haired dogs with shorter hair, or some adult dogs with arthritis. This kind of bed is very common.

Orthopedic beds are very good for dogs with joint problems. Usually there are some foams and plastics made according to the dogs' living habits and physiological characteristics. It can provide comfortable support according to the various parts of the dog, and reduce the pain and discomfort of the injured area. At present, this kind of dog bed is rarely seen in our usual days because it is a unique customized bed.

The warming bed is also very beneficial for those dogs who are sick and saving, and it can also be very beneficial in some cold areas. This kind of bed is also rare. At present, the size of the dog bed can be based on the stretched limbs of the dogs. The solid wood bed is best, and it can also be replaced by paper boxes, plastic boxes, etc. As long as it is soft and can keep warm, it can be used as a mattress.

For example, old towels, clothes, blankets and newspapers are fine. But don't use some torn cotton pads or feather pads, so as to avoid some digestive diseases caused by the bite of the dogs, the mattress should be replaced frequently, disinfected and cleaned on time.

In addition, the dog's bed should be placed in a relatively concealed or isolated place with no wind, preferably ten centimeters from the ground, so as not to cause some interference to the health of the dogs in wet weather.

This article introduces the relevant details of the three types of beds to dog owners, but the specific choice depends on the characteristics of different dogs.

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