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Classification and characteristics of dog comb

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The "exclusive" beauty product most dogs have is a comb. However, there are many kinds of combs on the market. What kind of comb is suitable for your dog? Did you choose the right one for baby? Let's have a look at the knowledge of a small comb!

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Open knot comb: it has a knife like comb, which can cut the hair knot and has a strong knot opening function.

Needle Comb: comb the dog's fur fluffy, comb the adhesion of the hair, remove small hair knot, dead hair. Suitable for fluffy dogs.

The needle comb is mainly used before and after the dog bath to check whether the dog's hair has knotting and skin diseases. The owner should pay special attention to the dog's ears, the inside of the front foot, and around the genitals, which are the most easily knotted and difficult to comb parts. The owner can comb the dog's hair when he is free. In addition to enhancing the relationship with the dog, it can also reduce the problem of dog hair flying all over the house.

Row Comb: for the dog with slender and smooth hair, it can be well combed. Combs arranged in rows are classified into various types according to the density and thickness of the teeth. It is mainly used to comb the coat which is smooth and has no hair knot. The comb can also be used for grooming, which is a special way for small-sized pet dogs. After picking up the coat with the comb, the coat will be straightened for modeling.

The row comb is generally used after the needle comb, mainly used to comb the dog's head, eyes, mouth, ears, tail and other parts. Use the comb to start from the wide end. If it is suddenly stuck in the process, do not pull it hard. First check whether the hair is knotted, then untie the hair knot by hand, and then comb it with a row comb. It must be easily combed from the root to the end of the hair, so that it can be considered as well combed.

Handle comb: the handle comb for dogs is similar to the handle comb of human beings. It is used to comb the hair and general hair knot in daily life. The direction of handle comb is from inside to outside, from top to bottom, along the direction of hair growth. Do a good job in grooming dog care, not only can help the dog's hair metabolism, but also make the dog more beautiful, increase its self-confidence.

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Dog hair slightly knot, in fact, can be easily combed with a comb. A needle comb and a handle comb can solve this problem. If you touch a dog first, you can feel where the knot is. In general, behind the ears, under the neck, around the abdomen and hind legs, you can find the serious disaster area of hair knotting.

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