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Classification and Characteristics of Dog Beds

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Dogs seem to be able to lie down and sleep anywhere, and some people may not think too much about the choice of dog bed. In fact, this is not the case. Although a dog can sleep on the ground, a good dog bed is more than just sleeping. Therefore, there are also various dog beds. This article briefly introduces some different types of dog beds.

1. Sofa-style Beds

As the name suggests, the sofa bed is a dog bed that looks like a sofa. In the broadest sense, it has arms and spine as a back. Some sofa dog beds are unstructured pillows, while others are small upholstered two-seater sofas with legs and toilet cushions.

2. Orthopedic Beds

The orthopedic dog bed has no top. When the dog lies on it, he can observe the surroundings. This kind of dog bed is shaped like a very shallow box, either square or round. Because of the surrounding area, the dog can use the bedside as a pillow when lying on it.

3. Cushion beds

The dog bed of this shape looks like a small house, and compared to the orthopedic type, it has an extra top. This type of dog bed can cover the dog's body, has good warmth, and is especially suitable for use in winter. This kind of dog bed is usually equipped with a cushion for the dog to play.

4. Dog Blankets

This is a dog bed without edges, which looks like a blanket. This type of dog bed is very suitable for the hot summer. The fabric inside is not only soft and comfortable, and the dog will not feel very hot when lying on it.

5. Cooling beds

The cooling dog bed is a good choice. Although some dog beds are nice and soft, they sleep too warmly, especially in summer. At this time, a cooling dog bed is needed. Cooling dog beds usually uses gel-like materials or just water to keep the bed cool. They perfectly solve the problem of the softness of the dog bed and the coolness the dog desires.

6. Outdoor beds

Although the general dog bed is cute, because it is placed directly on the ground, the bottom of the doghouse often becomes very damp over time. Dogs sleeping in it every day can easily cause skin diseases. The outdoor bed can completely solve this problem. Its highly breathable mesh bed surface, coupled with an overhead design, can completely isolate ground moisture. It can effectively prevent dog skin diseases, arthritis, and other diseases caused by humid environment, which is very good for the dog's health.

There are so many types of dog beds, how to choose is still based on the needs of your own dog. For example, in winter and summer, we must prepare beds with different functions for dogs. In addition, the dog pad needs to be replaced regularly, and it should not be used for too long, so as not to breed various bacteria and harm the beloved dog.

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