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Can I choose a bigger dog bed for dog?

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When we buy a bed for a bedroom, we instinctively choose a bed that matches our own size. We also know that it is unreasonable to be too large or too small. For example, a clumsy, six-foot-tall man would not choose a twin bed, while a 4-year-old child sleeping on a queen-size bed would be overwhelmed.

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So can the dog sleep in the bigger bed?  The answer is it depends. In the same way that humans need the right-sized bed to fit their size, height, and weight, so does your dog. However, choosing the right size can be tricky. There is no standard size for dog beds, so you need to measure your dog. But what do you need to measure? How much extra space should you add? Does it matter if your puppy sleeps stretched out instead of curled up? Read on to find out how big your dog bed should be and how to make sure you buy the right bed size for your loyal friends.

First measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the tail. The bed you choose should be at least this length. Remember, your dog's bed is not just about sleeping, which is why it's better to make the bed longer than the dog's length. The bed should have enough space for toys to chew, lie down and sleep. The length of the bed includes the frame or edge, so you should always add a few inches to the size to provide a comfortable space for the puppy. So starting from this point, you should choose a larger bed for your dog.

Before buying a dog bed, please pay attention to the dog's sleeping habits. Do they like to spread or curl? Are they lying in the middle of the room or in the corner?

Will your puppies try to find a soft spot or will they sleep wherever they want, even on a hard floor? All these observations will affect the type and size of the bed you choose.

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Whether you are using a soft upholstered bed, an overhead crib bed or a crate, it is best to buy something larger rather than smaller. Naturally, you don't want to buy too much stuff, especially if you have a dog who prefers to sleep. However, if your puppies are still growing, or if you have more than one dog in your home, having a larger dog bed can help them sleep and relax together.

Generally, you'd better buy a higher quality dog bed, which has a longer life span than a few cheap beds. Memory foam dog beds will keep better over time and often come with washable bedspreads. Some beds are made with antibacterial and "keep clean" bedspreads, which makes keeping the bed clean and hygienic very easy.

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