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Bring a dog on a self-driving trip, and you need a car pet mat

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Pet owners know that car pet mats are necessary for driving with dogs. Then why do we need a car pet mat?

First of all,  small spaces will make dogs feel safer. If you have a larger car and a small dog, the dog will feel very unsafe in the car (especially in the back row). You will find that this dog is almost always unsteady, because the car is shaking. A dog with a cushion will reduce the dog's exercise space and make the dog feel safer.

Secondly, you can control the situation if you have vomiting or other conditions that will make the car dirty. Needless to say, this dog car mat is waterproof and easy to clean. Even if your dog vomits while driving, you don't have to worry about your car seat being soiled (the mat mentioned above) The car mat for dogs is a bit hanging. You only need to get the dog down when it is safe to clean the inside. Big deal, it's much easier to wash the dog than to clean the car.

There are many types of car pet mats available on the market. There are three general pet mat materials. The advantages of Oxford cloth: waterproof, dirt-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to wash, quick-drying, and light. Disadvantages: It will harden a little when it is cold in winter, which affects comfort. Oxford cloth quilted cotton advantage: comfort is slightly better than Oxford cloth. Disadvantages: relatively heavy, not easy to clean, not easy to dry after washing. Advantages of high-grade fluffy cloth: the comfort is the best among the three materials, and the material is more advanced. Disadvantages: Waterproof and dirt resistance, easy to wash and quick-drying are slightly insufficient.

So can car pet mats replace dog seat belts? Clearly, no. The most basic function of the car pet mat is to prevent pets from stepping on the dirty seat. Even though some styles have a certain safety protection function, they cannot completely replace the seat belt. Therefore, for the safety of the dog, the car pet mat must be used with the dog's special seat belt! Therefore, when purchasing a car pet mat, be sure to pay attention to whether the seat belt is left. A high-quality vehicle-mounted appliance will definitely put safety first.

Finally, is the car pet mat suitable for all models? Each car pet mat has a different length and width. Please select the car pet mat of the appropriate size according to the seat or trunk size of your car.

The benefits of the car seat cushion are also reflected in its "one cushion for multiple uses" functionality. 1. It can not only be used for dogs to go out, but also can put all kinds of sundries inside when the dog is not brought. 2. It can also be used as a picnic mat when outing.

This article also strongly recommends this cushion, which not only ensures the safety of your pets, but also prevents them from scratching your beloved car, leaving the car clean.

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