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A comprehensive guide for choosing a dog bed

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Are you sleeping with your dog? I know that many families with pets choose to sleep with their dogs. But in fact the dog needs its own bed. Because unlike humans, dogs do not only sleep at night, they will spend 12-14 hours or more in sleep. So choosing a suitable dog bed for your dog is very important. Next, this article briefly introduces a comprehensive guide to choosing a dog bed.

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Start with his weight, using these general guidelines:

Small - For dogs up to 40 lbs.

Medium - For dogs up to 60 lbs.

Large - For dogs up to 120 lbs.

Extra Large - For dogs 120 lbs. and up

As a responsible owner, one of the first responsibilities of keeping a dog should be to make them feel comfortable. And to provide their own space is definitely a way to make them comfortable, but the dog bed should be where they want to go and make them feel comfortable. Provide them with a suitable space to prevent them from bumping their heads or inconvenient movement. In addition, when they lie down, they should be able to stretch easily in any direction and should not feel cramped or restricted. If they feel uncomfortable in this way, why spend time there?

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If your dog likes to sleep curled up in a spherical shape, then a round dog bed is perfect for it. If your dog likes to stretch his body while sleeping, stretch his limbs to one side and his legs straight from his ribs. Or you are raising an elderly dog, suffering from arthritis and other diseases. At this time, a rectangular dog bed is undoubtedly more suitable for it.


Spun polyester filling

Soft and comfortable; this indulgent, hypoallergenic material is suitable for most dogs without special needs. Our high-bulk polyester filling can also be used with cedar. It is not recommended for hunting dogs as it will interfere with their smell.

Memory foam

Memory foam is not only suitable for dogs with orthopedic problems, but also best for them: dogs who need extra support for any reason will benefit from memory foam. This will also help maintain his body temperature and prevent him from overheating. Memory foam dog beds are as comfortable as our dog companions, while our own memory foam bedding is very suitable for us.

Polystyrene grain cedar

This filler can be used with or without cedar. It is suitable for dogs with no joint or pain problems and likes to "dig holes" before settling down. The polystyrene beads become warmer and conform in shape. Cedar shavings smell good when repelling insects. Note: It is not recommended to use polystyrene fillers for chewing food, nor is it recommended to use cedar for hunting dogs, because it will affect their sense of smell.

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