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7 Benefits of Grooming Dogs

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Life is hectic and stressful now, who would have time to groom the dog? I understand this feeling very well, but grooming a dog is actually part of life. If you have a small dog or a dog that has never liked grooming, you may need to guide it slowly. Just comb the hair for a few minutes, and then give it some favorite snacks that will be available after the hair is finished.

There are actually 7 major benefits of combing. Let's take a look.

1. Grooming is actually part of the interaction between you and the dog

If your dog likes you to groom it, or doesn't resist grooming, then this period of grooming is actually a good time for you to interact with your dog. It is also your source of stress after a hard day.

2. It can help distribute the natural oils on the dog's hair evenly

Dogs have natural oils in their hair, but since dogs do not tend to groom themselves like cats, they need our help to distribute the oils on their hair evenly. In this way, the hair will look brighter and smoother, and not greasy.

3. Prevent knotting

You must know that when you comb your hair, does it hurt when your hair gets tangled? Imagine you have knotted hair all over your body. Is it uncomfortable? Disordered hair can also hide other skin problems, such as wounds or inflammation, redness and swelling. When you comb your dog’s hair, you will find this problem that needs to be dealt with in time, so that you can prevent problems before they happen and keep your dog healthy.

4. External parasites or lumps

Groom your dog frequently to know how the dog’s body is different from the past, such as whether some lumps are harmless that existed before, or whether there are fleas on the body but you only find out later.

5. Reduce hair loss

The more hair that a dog combs with a comb, the less clothes we have on our body or on the ground.

6. Grooming will make your dog look beautiful

Which one do you think is better, untreated hair or well-treated hair? That's right, the same is true for dogs. Dogs that are often taken care of will be much more beautiful than those that are not taken care of.

7. Grooming can also keep the dog comfortable

Too thick hair will make the dog feel very hot, so how to comb it?

Generally, dogs like people to comb their hair back. If your dog is a long-haired breed, you may need to remove the upper layer with your hands, and then comb the bottom closer to the skin, making sure to comb the skin. Because just combing the upper layer is just to make your dog look better, too thick hair still makes him feel uncomfortable.

Another point is that combing is too violent but not good. Dogs will hate this process of grooming. So we try to be gentle, and the dog will be more cooperative.

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