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6 ways to teach you how to train dogs not to bite

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A dog's "bite" is a natural instinct, happy, scared, and angry, it will all express it through "bite". Therefore, many dog owners are afraid of dog biting people, causing unnecessary harm and trouble to others and themselves. But in fact, as long as the owner trains the dogs effectively, they can still learn not to bite people randomly. You can train your dog according to these 6 methods.

1. Establish prestige

Regardless of the content of training a dog, the first thing to do is to establish a good prestige in front of the dog, let it know that you are the owner, and it must obey your orders. Be serious when training and let it know that this is not playing around. You can make some small tasks first, and let it know what kind of punishment will be imposed when it is not completed.

2. The correct way to play

In many cases, dogs biting people are the result of the owner not paying attention or indulging. For example, when playing with a puppy, the owner did not teach it the correct way to play, and when it habitually opens and bites, the owner does not take timely measures to stop it.

So when interacting with a dog, you can use some toys to stop the dog immediately when it makes a biting action, and let it know that this is the wrong way.

3. The bite taste

If the dog is found to have a biting habit when the dog's teeth are not fully formed, or it starts to bite during the grinding period, the owner can apply or spray some non-toxic, bitter liquid on the place where it likes to bite. When the dog bites the owner again, it will know that human taste is difficult to "eat".

4. Punishment

If the dog is biting, stop it immediately, even if the potion has been sprayed. The owner can spray it with water and then punish it. Don't slap it on the nose to stop it, because in the eyes of a dog, slap on the nose has the meaning of encouragement.

5. Reactions to being bitten

Every time after being bitten by it, the owner must make exaggerated painful movements, which can be accompanied by crying, and then stay away from it, ignore it, and let it know that it will make the owner very painful to bite. After it has this consciousness, it won't bite people randomly.

6. Familiar

Dogs bite people because they feel scared or are threatened to make defensive attacks. Therefore, dogs can quickly get acquainted with the crowd and calmly face strangers without biting people. The owner can take the dog leash and take the dog with many people, but go for a walk where there is a distance from the crowd.

In the process of training dogs, there are punishments and of course rewards. When the dog is doing well, the owner can appropriately reward it with some dog treats, such as chicken jerky, which can grind teeth, remove bad breath, and prevent dental calculus. Healthy dog snacks are good.

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