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6 Steps for an Odor-free Dog Bed

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How to keep the dog's bed clean and tidy without odor. First, we should follow the washing instructions on the dog bed label. Follow the label instructions to wash the dog bed with hot water to kill bacteria. Because these bacteria can cause odor and disease. During the washing process, make sure that the movements are gentle and do not damage the dog bed with too much force.

When using detergent, please remember to use low-irritant and non-allergenic detergent to avoid irritating the dog's skin. If the peculiar smell of the dog bed is really great, it is recommended to use a special deodorant detergent. Follow the 6 steps below to clean the dog bed, which can help you easily solve the odor problem of the dog bed.

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1.  Remove debris from the dog bed

Before cleaning the dog bed, vacuum the debris in the dog bed. Because the dog will eat snacks in its dog bed, these food scraps are left in the dog bed. Sucking out these debris, hair, etc. will make machine cleaning more effective.

2.  Pre-treat stains

If the dog bed is stained with feces, urine stains and other stains, you can first use enzyme-containing pet stain remover to break down the stains. This pet detergent generally contains fragrance and will not cause irritation to dogs. But when using it, follow the steps in the instructions.

3.  Use hot water to wash

When washing the dog bed with a washing machine, try to use warm water. In the case of high temperature, detergent can play a better role.

4.  Soak the dog bed

If you wash the dog bed in a washing machine, even if you use a dog-friendly detergent, make it run twice in the rinse cycle. If you want to wash your hands, please drain the bathtub after the bed is soaked. Rinse with warm water and squeeze out as much water as possible. Repeat the above steps until only clear water is visible when the water is squeezed out to ensure that no irritating residue remains.

5.  Dry the dog bed

After cleaning the dog bed, please use a dryer to dry it completely. If there is the sun, you can also expose the washed dog bed to the sun on a sunny day, and use the sun's ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria.

6.  Increase cleaning frequency

There are many measures you can take to keep your dog's sleeping area clean and fresh. You can cover the bed cover with a comfortable blanket and remove it regularly for cleaning. If your dog bed is small enough, seal it in a large garbage bag to protect it from moisture and stains, and then cover it with a bed cover or blanket. Wipe the outside of the bed occasionally with a mixture of 8 to 1 water and white vinegar. Vinegar is safe for pets and can deodorize and disinfect naturally. Use a vacuum cleaner between washings to minimize dander and dust.

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