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5 misunderstandings of pet feeding

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Do you know what your cat and dog should eat? Internal organs? wrong! chicken? wrong! chocolate? Wrong! Become a pet owner, of course you must be responsible for their diet.


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1. Dog food is fed by "feeling"

We feed the dog food, grab a handful and put it in the food bowl, the dog will finish eating in an instant, and we will wonder if it is not full. Do you want to add more? Watch the dog's reaction and continue to give dog food, grab a handful and grab a handful again until they can't eat anymore. Maybe you don't know that the dog's stomach can expand to more than 2-3 times the normal food requirement. I feel that feeding dog food is very easy to cause overfeeding problems, easy to cause obesity problems, and even gastrointestinal discomfort. When feeding dog food, please refer to the recommended feeding amount on the packaging bag.

2. The recommended feeding amount is not one meal a day

Some owners will also refer to the recommended feeding amount on the packaging bag, but it may be understood as the amount of one meal. However, this recommended feeding amount is marked according to the daily food needs. If you feed 2 or 3 meals at this amount a day, you will be overfeeding again. Therefore, if you feed several meals a day, calculate the amount of feed per meal.

3. Put dog food in the food bowl that will last a day

This situation can cause two problems. First, it is easy to cause the pet's picky eating problem. At the same time, giving too much food at a time can also lead to overfeeding.

4. Soak pet food in boiling water

When we raise puppies, we are more worried that the grains of dog food are too large and too hard. It can’t bite. Soak it in water to make it easier to digest. If you use boiling water to soak it, it can make it faster and softer. However, the high temperature will put the food in the food. Many nutrients are destroyed, especially water-soluble vitamins. After encountering high temperatures, they are basically gone. Long-term feeding of dog food with boiled blisters can easily cause nutritional imbalance. We recommend that the water temperature for soaking dog food is around 40℃.

5. No periodic food change

Some people may ask, why do pets need to change food periodically, but people do not need it at all? This is because the number of digestive enzymes and bacteria used for digestion in pets is far less than that of humans (by the ratio of number to body weight). If the nutritional composition of another food is quite different from the original food, there are not enough digestive enzymes and bacteria in the body to adapt to the new nutritional structure and carry out digestion reactions, which will lead to adverse reactions such as indigestion, soft stools, and odor. Therefore, we suggest that for the health of our pets, we must change the food periodically.

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