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4 tips to teach you to train dogs not to dig dog beds

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Dogs can touch the softest place in our hearts. When we return home after a busy day and see the dogs greet you happily, our mood is naturally much better. However, many owners will encounter various problems when getting along with the dog. Among them, the most troublesome and distressing problem for the shovel owner is the dog digging the bed. So how does the master stop it from destroying it?

First of all, after the owner brings the dog bed back, if it can be cleaned, it is best to wash it first, if not, it is best to take it out and dry it. Let the original smell of the mat disperse before giving it to the dog. You can also spread your own clothes on it to make your dog feel more secure.

Some dogs are particularly anxious, so they vent by scratching the mat. The owner can look for the source of the dog's stress and see what changes have taken place in his life recently, which can build up stress in the dog's heart. Remove the stressor or allow the dog to adapt gradually, and they will no longer scratch the mat.

Every time you see a dog biting on furniture, blankets, etc., you must sternly reprimand it to show your possession of these furniture. Until the dog stops tearing the house, rewards will be given, such as feeding snacks or touching and hugging.

Again, dogs are social animals, and social living is their nature. When a dog is alone, without the owner by his side, it will feel insecure and anxious is normal. They will vent this emotion with instinctive bites. Therefore, the owner can turn on the TV or play radio or music before leaving home, or record a few songs by himself and play them in loop for the dogs. With continuous vocals, the dog will feel relieved a lot, and he does not think he is alone.

Finally, the golden period for the owner to correct the dog's behavior is when the dog is going to do it or is doing it. If you come home from get off work and see the dog messing up the house and scold the dog, it will be understood as: once The host will be angry. It will not be connected with the digging bed. At this time, the master's anger has become a kind of vent, rather than correcting behavior. Therefore, the master must be forward-looking and skillful. This is not difficult, but it requires patience and hard work.

Whether it is a human or a dog's behavior, it is difficult to change, because it is inertial and takes a certain amount of time. Be patient and you will find that it is absolutely worth it!

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