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4 tips to teach you to choose the right pet toy

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For people who keep dogs in the city, they may not be able to spend too much time with their dogs every day. The owner often buys toys for the dog. When he is alone, it is a good thing to have a toy as a companion and have fun for himself. So how do you choose the right toy for your pet?

dog playing

When choosing toys, one of the most important reasons is age. The age of a dog determines the type of toys it can play with. For example, young dogs need harder toys than older dogs.

Size is also important. You will definitely not buy a big doll for a Teddy, and Alaska is not suitable for playing tennis and other small things. Large dogs have a stronger bite than small dogs. Therefore, those small toys have great hidden dangers for large dogs, such as suffocation.

Many dog owners may not know that dog toys should also be divided into playing areas, and a large part of the durability and wear of toys depends on the playing area. For example, if your dog often plays at home, it is impossible to buy a big football. On the contrary, if you often play outdoors, you definitely cannot buy a doll.

It is important to know that when a dog is playing with a toy, it does not mean that it is safe. When a child and a dog are together, an adult still needs to be nearby. The same is true for toys. Even safest toys need to be supervised by their owners.

Many people make the mistake of leaving home this afternoon, and the watchdog is pitiful at home, so he lost a stuffed toy to him. When you come back, you find that the toy is "dead without a corpse", so will you scold the dog?

Without supervision, a dog can do many things that you did not expect. Playing with toys alone is the best example. Although for a dog, these toys are your companions who are not at home, but if you are not around, So will it eat the plush? Will it eat the small accessories on the toy? You are not around, so I don't know. Please choose professional alone toys for your pets when you are alone.

dog playing

When dogs play alone, they get bored with toys. However, once you join in, their attention will continue to grow. When dogs choose their favorite toys, it makes a lot of sense for them to involve their owners in the game.

"For example, when you give your dog a toy, for a moment, it is very happy with a toy, very special, they associate it with memory, which is controversial." It's like having a toy when you were a child Toys are your uncle's birthday present. You haven't seen him for a long time. These moments have a great influence on the dog, and this influence may last forever.

This will come in handy if you need to train your puppy to like a different toy than they usually play with. If your dog seems to only like things that they shouldn't play with, playing with them with a more suitable toy can change their perception.

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