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3 kinds of common car seat belt for pets

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People who keep dogs at home must also want to take them out to play, but dogs in the car will definitely scratch the seat, and there is also a safety hazard. At this time, we need car pet mats. What is a car pet seat belt? It is a kind of pet-specific mat used in the car, which is waterproof, dirty, hair-proof and scratch-proof, which brings us a lot of convenience when traveling with the dog. According to the use position, it can be roughly divided into three types: single seat cushion, rear seat cushion and trunk cushion. Here is a brief introduction to these three types of mats.

1.  Single seat cushion

Single seat cushion is suitable for single seat use, such as the front passenger seat, or other single seats in the car. Many partners will choose to use a single seat cushion in the front passenger seat, but putting a dog in the front passenger seat poses a great safety risk. A dog lying on a car window and looking out will block the driver’s side view, or even block the rearview mirror, which is very dangerous. Moreover, in the event of an accident, the airbag in the front passenger's seat will burst, the impact force will be fatal to the dog. Therefore, please do not put your dog in the passenger seat when driving!

So, is it necessary to install a pet seat belt in the passenger seat? There are also many people who have installed them in their cars because they can be used when parking. When parking and playing, the dog can also get up and down and rest freely in the co-pilot position, and is not afraid of breaking the seat. As for cars with seven seats or more, RVs, etc., pet mats can still be equipped on a single seat other than the passenger seat to house dogs.

2.  Rear car pet seat cushion

The advantage of the rear car pet seat cushion is that it does not block the ground between the front and rear seats. The dog will not fall from the seat when braking suddenly. It also acts as a barrier to prevent the dog from running to the front row mischievously from the gap between the driving and co-pilot.

If it is a rear car pet seat cushion enclosed on the side, it can prevent dogs from scratching the inside of the dirty door. It can also effectively prevent the mud, snacks, hair, etc. brought into the car from falling into the door slot (door storage compartment).

3.  Trunk pet cushion

Put your dog in the trunk where it is the furthest away from the family. The air circulation in the trunk is not good, the hot and cold temperature adjustment is the worst, the vision is not good, and it is also the most bumpy and uncomfortable position in the whole car. So if space permits, it is best to place the dog on the seat.

For the dog, the biggest inconvenience is that the dog takes up the storage space of the trunk. If it is necessary to put the dog and luggage together in the trunk, please equip the dog with a very strong flight case or a special dog cage for the trunk. Establish a solid safety isolation barrier for the dog to prevent the sliding luggage from hitting the dog.


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