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2 points for choosing a cage for a dog

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When raising a dog for the first time, many owners seem to be inclined to buy a soft dog bed instead of a cage. It may be that I have read too much negative news and feel that it is very painful for the dog to stay in the cage! Keeping a dog must give the dog freedom, how can one buy a cage? In fact, this is not the case. People need their own private space, and dogs also need it. Let's take a look at the habits of dogs for thousands of years. They will find a cave when they want to rest and nurture the next generation. This is safer.

dog cage

The dog has a cage at home to sleep and rest, which will give him a lot of peace of mind. Just guard the cage. Don't worry about guarding the whole home causing anxiety. Someone will bark when they walk by. But what kind of cage is suitable for dogs? Is the bigger the dog, the more comfortable it is? This is not the case. The size of the cage is just right to give the dog a sense of security.

What size cage is suitable for dogs? There are two main points when choosing a dog cage: 1. The dog can stand, sit, lie down and turn around comfortably; 2. The cage cannot be too large.

The size of the cage should be large enough for the dog to stand, sit, lie down and turn around comfortably. If it is too small, the dog will feel uncomfortable every time he goes in, and the cage will be rejected over time. The cage should not be too large, or the dog will divide the cage into sleeping places and toilets and pee in the cage.

Before choosing a cage, the owner must know the size of the dog when it grows up. When a large dog is first brought home, it may weigh only a few catties, but after a few months it will grow up quickly, and the cage may not be enough. Wouldn't it be wasteful if you always have to change cages as your dog grows up! Therefore, the owner can buy an adjustable cage, which has a partition inside which can be adjusted. Use the partition to adjust the size of the cage so that the dog's cage can grow with it.

If you often take your dog out, a cage that is easy to disassemble is more suitable. It can be disassembled when placed in the car and does not take up much space. Many plastic cages cannot be disassembled.

flight case

If you may fly with a dog in the near future, it is best to consider returning an airline standard flight case. Although the standards of various airlines for flight cases are somewhat different, they are generally not too big. You can ask customer service when buying, they may know better. After the purchase, you can call the staff to make sure that the flight case you bought is up to the standard.

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