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10 points about pet door

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In order to facilitate the entry and exit of pets, most pet owners choose to install a pet door in their home. This article introduces some small knowledge points about pet doors.

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Different pet doors are designed with different emphasis, so their flaps also use different materials. Generally speaking, weatherproof flaps tend to be slightly heavier than ordinary flaps and have additional magnets to keep objects insulated. If it is an electronic pet door, the flap is made of acrylic plastic. When choosing the material size of the pet door flap, more should consider the needs of your own pet.

Even dogs of the same breed should be measured for their specific size. Even though your pet looks average, you should still bring a measuring tape! It is recommended to measure your pet from the floor to the shoulder and install the top of the pet door at least one inch above its back to ensure a comfortable passage. With this in mind, check the width of the flap to prevent the pet from getting stuck.

Although it is called a pet door, this kind of door hole is not only used to install on the door. In addition to doors and walls, cat and dog doors can also be installed in windows, screen doors, litter box hidden cabinets, riot doors and even closets! Many activities in the house can install pet door openings. Choose the installation position of the door according to the activity habits of the pets at home.

After installing the pet door, some people may worry about safety. Fear that the thief would climb into the house through the doorway. Although electronic doors can solve this potential problem, wearing a collar key may not be an ideal choice for you or your pet. The extra-large pet door will make people even more worried, even though they may encounter your large guard dog when they enter the door! But the thief may choose to enter when you and the dog are away. In order to avoid this situation, we can choose to install a safety fence outside the doorway.

Some owners may worry that the dog's head will be hurt by pushing the pet door with its head. The only reason the pet door may harm your pet is the wrong size! In order to achieve the best pet door size, we measure from the pet's foot to the shoulder. The dog's placket is also usually made of soft vinyl flaps that can smoothly pass over the dog's body. So don't worry about this issue.

Finally, not all doors can be equipped with pet doors. An important requirement for installing a dog door is to check the thickness of the door. And you always want to make sure that the material is strong enough to support the pet door. If the dog door is to be installed through a hollow door, the non-self-supporting dog door will require additional steps during the dog door installation process.

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